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读音是不一样的,而且意思也是不一样的。 there 英[ðeə(r)] 美[ðer] adv. 那里; 在那里; 在那一点上; pron. (常用作be, seem或appear的主语) 表示某物或某人的存在或某事的发生; int. (表示满足、烦恼) 你瞧,好啦,得啦; th...

weather /ð/ three /θ/ there /ð/

three 翻译成 “三”one two three是 一二三 tree 翻译成 “树,大树” there 翻译成 “在那里, 往那里” 翻译来自牛津高阶英汉双解字典,不懂请问,满意请采纳,谢谢!!

there 读音不同 there里th是浊辅音,其他三个是清辅音 希望帮到你。



How many people are there in your family? 你家里有几口人? There are three. 有三口。


你好! There are three trees 有三棵树

here are three words that i've been dying to say to you 这里有3个字,我一直想告诉你 burns in my heart like a fire that ain't going out 不说出来的话,就像火一样在我心里燃烧 there are three words and i want you know they are true...

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