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sitting room

living room与sitting room都是客厅、起居室的意思,区别在于:前一个美国人常用,后一个英国人常用。

sitting room[英][ˈsitiŋ ru:m][美][ˈsɪtɪŋ rum] n.客厅; 起居室; 复数:sitting rooms 例句: 1. Wait in the sitting room. 在起居室等着.

sitting room [英][ˈsitiŋ ru:m][美][ˈsɪtɪŋ rum] n.起居室; 复数:sitting rooms living room [英][ˈliviŋ ru:m][美][ˈlɪvɪŋ rum] n.客厅 复数:living rooms

sitting room na.(=living room) 起居室;客厅;起居空间 例句 1.That TV set is now standing at the corner of our sitting room. 那台电视机现在立在我们起居室的角落里。 2.They came to the top of the stairs without accident, and enter...

一样,sitting room 是英式表达,后者是美式表达


sitting room是一个固定词组啊,意思是:客厅、起居室。 至于这个词组中为什么用sitting,因为sitting本身也可以作形容词,表示:就坐的。 【Vickey英语】为你解答,还有更多视频课程,帮你轻松搞定英语!

sitting room [英][ˈsitiŋ ru:m][美][ˈsɪtɪŋ rum] n. 客厅; 起居室; 复数:sitting rooms 1 We can find some nuts, rice or seeds in the sitting room and put them int the yard. 我们可以在客厅里找一此坚果...

翻译 a.large.sitting-room 一个很大的客厅

Look , I have a nice room . Come and have a look . It’s small and nice . There is a big bed , a small desk , a shelf and a closet . The bed is near the desk . There is a shelf near the closet too . Many good books are in the sh...

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