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《It Is WhAt It Is》歌词翻译 LiFEhousE的 谢谢~

it is what it is 就是这样 i was only looking for a shortcut home 我只是在寻找一条回家的近路 but it’s complicated 但这很复杂 so complicated 如此复杂 somewhere in this city is a road i know 我知道在这个城市的某个地方会有这样一条...


Come Back Down 伫身回眸 Staring right back in the face 凝视着你的脸庞 A memory can’t be erased 记忆不可磨灭 I know, because I tried 我知道,我尽力了 Start to feel the emptiness 但是我开始感觉空虚 and everything I’m gonna miss ...

breathing 呼吸 歌手:lifehouse 专辑:no name face 歌手:我专辑:没有名字的脸 I'm finding my way back to sanity again 我发现我的方式再次回到理智 Though I don't really know what i'm gonna do when i get there 虽然我真的不知道我要...

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